Universities in Montenengro for International Students

The concept of universities in Montenegro for international students has been developing at the last years. Today, Montenegro has only one state university named as University of Montenegro which is located in capital city. In addition, there are 2 private universities in Montenegro like Mediterranean University and University of Donja Gorica. All universities in Montenegro are located in Podgorica… View Article

Where to rent a car in Montenegro ?

The concept of rent a car in Montenegro is preferred in  There are 2 international airports in Podgorica and Tivat in Montenegro. You can find direct flights to these cities from different capitals of Europe.  Podgorica is the capital and biggest city of the country. So, the concept of rent a car is so common… View Article

Things to Know About Public Transport in Montenegro

Unfortunately, the public transport is so weak and inadequate when compared the other Balkan countries. Especially, during the summer season, it’s a bit easier to find public transport vehicles to travel from any city to other. For travelling, If you don’t want to rent a car, you can prefer taxi. But there is no common… View Article

What are the Places to Stay in Montenegro ?

Do you want to learn the details of Montenegro places to stay ? Montenegro is the rising star for the concept of tourism sector in Europe at the last years. Thousands of tourists from different countries visit Montenegro every year. Especially, summer season is the high season of the country.  It is a historical monument… View Article

International Airports in Montenegro

If you are looking for international airports in Montenegro, you will find two alternatives. Firstly, Podgorica International Airport is located in Podgorica city, the capital city of the country. Secondly, Tivat International Airport is located in Tivat city. Podgorica International Airport The airport, which takes its name from Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, is also… View Article

Montenegro Travel Guide – The Best Places to Discover in Montenegro

Are you looking for a compherensive Montenegro travel guide ?  If you are, you’re on the right page ! Check out our list for the best places to visit in Montenegro. Montenegro; it is also known as the “paradise of the Balkans” with its green mountains and turquoise sea. Thanks to its nature, friendly people and… View Article

What are the Best Places to visit in Ulcinj ?

Ulcinj is a small town where 12.000 people living. It is one of the must-see places especially for the beaches. It is one of the places preferred by the Albanians for the summer house as it is close to the Albanian border. This city appeals to those who want to have a completely “comfortable and… View Article


These hard days will end soon and a beautiful summer sun will rise. Again we will kiss the cheeks of the children, prepare for crowded friends’ meetings and hug our older friends. Again we will spend time together, travel and have joyful moments. In order to overcome these difficult days together and economically to survive… View Article

What to Eat in Montenegro ?

At the last years, Montenegro has become one of the most important tourism attractions in Europe. So, many people from different countries started to visit the country for a memorable holiday experience. You will find the answer of “What to eat in Montenegro ?” in this text.  Besides its history dating back to the 9th… View Article

Top 10 Things to See in Podgorica

Podgorica is the biggest and capital city of Montenegro. There are more than 200.000 people live in this city. Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, is one of the important historical and touristic centers of the country. We researched the things to see in Podgorica for you. Let’s start to discover Podgorica with top 10 things to… View Article

Top 10 Things to do in Kotor

Kotor is an important tourism destination of Montenegro. We've compiled "Top 10 things to do in Kotor" in this text for you. There are small villages and towns around Kotor that are worth exploring. For nature walks, swimming, climbing, cycling, Montenegrin cuisine flavor tastings and daily historical tours, you can get the chance to spend... View Article

Top 10 Things to do in Budva

With its immaculate air and atmosphere, we have compiled 10 places that you should not return without seeing them in Budva, the most famous holiday destination of the Adriatic. The most popular tourist destination in Montenegro, the popular name of Budva is “Mini Dubrovnik”. With its long beaches and crystal clear sea, it offers the... View Article

Top 10 Things to do in Montenegro

Like many Adriatic countries, Montenegro has many places to visit and things to do in different regions of the country. As listmne.com, we've prepared top 10 things to do in Montenegro for you. It's possible to find the most famous things, places and activities in the country in this text easily. Let's begin now! 1-... View Article

Real Estate in Danilovgrad, Montenegro

Danilovgrad is located in the center of Montenegro with its 6.000 inhabitants. Finding real estate in Danilovgrad wıth listmne.com’s special search engine and listings is easy. Montenegro is a true pearl of the Adriatic. This country, which lies in the southern part of the Adriatic, is unique in many respects. Nowhere else in the world will you…

Real Estate in Niksic, Montenegro

Finding real estate in Niksic will be so easy with the special interface of listmne.com. Niksic is the second largest city in Montenegro with about 60.000 population. Famous brewery Niksicko pivo is located in Niksic and bears name of the city. Niksic is known as the industrial capital of Montenegro. This is an important cultural and educational city as…

Real Estate in Risan, Montenegro

If you are looking for real estate in Risan, it will be easy through listmne.com. Risan is a small town located near Bay of Kotor, and the town has about 2000 residents.  Risan is the oldest settlement in the Bay of Kotor. It dates back to 4th century BC. Kotor city center is 18 km away.…

Real Estate Agents in Herceg Novi

If you are looking for real estate agents in Herceg Novi, you can find many options on listmne.com. Herceg Novi is a coastal city located in the Bay of Kotor, southwest of Montenegro. This beautifulnsmall city, built on an area of 235 square kilometers at the foothills of the Orjen Mountain, still carries the traces…

Real Estate Agents in Bar

Bar has been an important tourism destinations of Adriatic at the last years, so finding real estate agents in Bar is an important issue for visitors. One of the youngest states in the world, Montenegro is a country that stands out with its magnificent beaches and impressive nature in the Balkan geography. Bar is one…

Real Estate in Zabljak, Montenegro

Finding real estate in Zabljak may be a difficult for anyone who finds himself/herself in Montenegro. But, with listmne.com finding different houses for sale or rent in different locations of the Zabljak is much easier. With no doubt, Tara Bridge, which is the second biggest canyon of the world after Grand Canyon in the USA, is the…

Real Estate Agents in Montenegro

Are you looking for a holiday or moving to Montenegro ? If you are, it's possible to see all of the registered real estate agents in Montenegro's different cities like Kotor, Budva or Podgorica on listmne.com. In addition, it's possible to contact with them easily on the internet by using our special contact forms. It…

Real Estate in Berane

If you are looking for real estate in Berane, you will find a large number of alternatives on listmne.com. The city is located on the banks of the Lim River in the northeast of the country. During the Middle Ages, the Berane area was known as Budimlje. At the same time, in the Serbian country…

Real Estate Agents in Budva

Nowdays Budva is one of the most attractive tourism destinations in Europe. Many tourists from different countries prefer Budva for a memorable summer holiday. Last few years with wave of new investments for tourism facilities, Budva has started to attract more visitors comparing to previous years.  If you are looking for the real estate agents…

Properties for Sale in Kotor

Are you looking for the latest properties for sale in Kotor ? If you are, listmne.com will be the first partner for you in order to find the best properties for you in different locations of Montenegro.  There are several settlements in the Bay of Kotor, especially Perast, Dobrota and Kotor. This is one of the…

Properties for Sale in Budva

Do you want to see all available properties for sale in Budva ? When we look at the Adriatic Sea's magnificent coasts for the concept of residence, it's possible to find a lot of properties all around coasts of Montenegro. Especially, Budva is so popular for purchasing a flat or villa when we compare with…

Seaside Apartments in Kotor

The concept of seaside apartments in Kotor is so developed at the last years for tourists and residents. Kotor is one of the most important touristic places of Montenegro and there are a lot of people visit this amazing town every year. The world-famous Old Town district is an attracting point for tourists. Kotor, the so-called hidden…

Seaside Apartments in Budva

Are you looking for seaside apartments in Budva ? If you are, listmne.com will be the first solution in order to list all of the available apartments in this lovely city of Montenegro. Budva is located near Adriatic Sea and there are a lot of seaside apartments for sale or for rent. Budva is one…

Daily Rental Houses in Podgorica

At the last years, daily rental houses in Podgorica has become so popular because the population and investors are increasing in Montenegro. Podgorica is the capital city of Montenegro and the people who want to stay for long time prefer this city for the concept of rental houses. But, you can find daily rental options…

Daily Rental Houses in Budva

Especially, daily rental houses in Budva is preferred by a lot of foreign tourists at the last times. Because, this city has some important hotels, hostels and aparts in different locations. Rental house prices in Montenegro vary from region to region, the view of your house, walking distance to the sea, the size of the house…

E-Commerce Systems in Montenegro

Montenegro has become one of the most important trade and tourism centers of the Balkans at the last years. So, the concept of e-commerce systems is developing day by day in the country correspondingly. If you want to develop your marketing side and reach the new customers from local or abroad, e-commerce will be the… View Article